Big Ten will not play in fall, hopes to play in spring


Big Ten football season, if it happens at all, will be delayed by several months.

The Big Ten presidents voted today not to play in the fall but to try to play in the spring, the conference announced this afternoon.

The writing has been on the wall in recent days that the Big Ten was heading in that direction. America’s failure to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control has put a mountain of challenges in front of the college football establishment, and the presidents of the Big Ten universities didn’t think it was feasible to play a season.

Much remains to be seen about this college football season, including whether the other Power 5 conferences will join the Big Ten, whether any college football at all will be played in the fall, and whether any NFL prospects will be willing to play in the spring. But what’s clear for now is that the pandemic is continuing to make an unprecedented impact on American sports.